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Our Mission

To make it easier for financial advisors to offer personalized, tax-aware portfolios that build wealth for clients

What Sets Parti Pris Apart

We offer a unique approach designed to take the complex world of wealth management and simplify it for both the financial advisor and, in turn, their clients. We combine technology and deep investment expertise to deliver a WealthTech platform that services fully personalized portfolios.  Our goal is to ensure advisors can use technology to delivery a multi-account household portfolio that meets the financial goals of the client.

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Multi-Account Householding

We emphasize the processing of multi-account household portfolios with a distinct focus on risk and taxes to achieve a series of financial goals.

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Simplify the Complex

We use technology and expertise to help financial advisors simplify the experience in implementing personalized client portfolios.

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Position for Growth

Our technology is built to help financial advisors scale their business and spend more time with clients.

How Parti Pris Started

Our mission focuses on developing, building, and managing innovative and astute wealth management services and capabilities for companies that serve financial advisors such as TAMP platforms, BDs, and wealth management advisory/RIA companies.

Co-founders Joe Smith and Art Lutschaunig have worked together at several previous firms. Their focus on indexation, tax management, and the need for advisors to have better methods and technology to manage household accounts led them to start Parti Pris.

Joe and Art believe that technology is a base requirement for managing household wealth. It is a driver for better asset management outcomes and for efficient scaling of personalized portfolios.

They founded Parti Pris with a mission to simplify the experience for advisors, and to help them create portfolios that increase the probability that their clients will achieve their financial goals.

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