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Joe Smith, CFA

Co-Founder & CIO
Joe Smith Photo

Joe is Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer and head of Parti Pris’ Investment Strategy Committee.

He has executive responsibility for wealthtech platform development, and thought leadership. In his leadership role, he brings deep expertise in applying technology and portfolio optimization tools to portfolio design and implementation issues specific to wealth management. Joe is the primary architect of Parti Pris’ investment approach including Parti’s proprietary Household investment management process and our Advisor SketchBook™ portal.

Joe brings almost 20 years of financial industry experience to his position at Parti Pris. Previously, he served as Senior Market Strategist and later Deputy Chief Investment Officer of CLS Investments, LLC. He has held several other investment management and product development roles including Manager of ETF Product Research & Development at Russell Investments and Senior ETF & Index Product Specialist at Charles Schwab Investment Management.

Joe holds a BS in Economics from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

Joe has hosted several industry podcasts and authored several articles and papers regarding the investment management industry and trends, application of quantitative methods to portfolio management, and the role of ETFs in asset allocation portfolios.